Welcome to UFCW Online Bargaining Agreements

In an effort to assist staff, the UFCW National Bargaining Department has provided this tool so that staff will have access, once logged in, to current UFCW contracts. The online database will be updated, regularly, as new UFCW contracts are negotiated.

Staff may access entire contracts or specific provisions and language through the site's indexing and search features. While an online help tutorial is included on the site, the UFCW National Bargaining Department will be conducting training workshops so locals can become familiar with the site's accessing and researching procedures.

For any questions about the contract information provided or how to access that information, please contact the National Bargaining Department at 202-223-3111 ext. 1527.

This site also includes Suggested Contract Language. This collection attempts to compile the most pro-union language for certain selected contract provisions. It consists of existing language the UFCW Legal Department has collected and revised.

In an attempt to improve the language, the UFCW Legal Department merged, reorganized and shortened the best clauses and omitted weaker clauses. The department also redrafted the provisions using plainer English to make them less legalistic and more readily understandable to members, stewards and representatives. The UFCW Legal Department also asked local union attorneys to comment on the provisions based on their experience before arbitrators, courts, the NLRB and when counseling locals. The department thanks those attorneys who responded and hopes they will continue to suggest improvements, additions or deletions based on their experience.

This collection may be most useful for locals proposing first contracts or renegotiating existing provisions when locals determine they have a chance of improving the language. We encourage locals to pick and choose those sections of provisions most applicable or useful, and to change language so it best helps locals represent their members.

The UFCW Legal Department requests locals to forward suggestions on improving these provisions or adding new provisions. There is a feedback form one you have logged into the site. Please use this form to send suggestions to the UFCW Legal Department.

This site is restricted to use by staff of certain UFCW affiliates only. Except by authorized users and for UFCW purposes only, no part of the materials available in the UFCW Contracts Database may be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted or otherwise reproduced, stored, disseminated, transferred or used, in any form or by any means.

Unauthorized use of the UFCW Contracts Database is strictly prohibited.

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